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Key note speeches

Give a great positive start to your conferences with a Ranjan De Silva Key Note, Ranjan will understand the strategic intent of your conference, conduct required research and design a customised keynote. 

online learning

Join ongoing webinars, online course, watch learning videos and follow self learning processes. And organize online sessions for your own organisation. 

in-room learning

Organize a 'Ranjan De Silva Mega Learning Event' or an interactive Playshop [learning that is engaging and fun] on areas of specialization for public audiences or for a organization. Ranjan will understand the strategic intent of your learning event, conduct required research and design a customised event. 

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Corporate interventions

Ranjan provides all the below mentioned services and he will allocate a team of resources to suit the specific needs of your organization.

All processes are tailored to suit needs of company’s and will be a mix of assessments, audits, research, consultancy, coaching, training and implementation support. The broad areas of specialization are below

Corporate culture and performance assessments

  • Customer reviews

  • People Reviews

  • Process reviews

  • Inter-departmental reviews

  • 360 degree assessments.

Team Leadership


Team Leadership Journey’s

2 to 4 day journey into the unknown with engaging activities, adventures and radical conversations that addresses and resolves  the most important team and leadership issues with a clear action plan to help achieve the company’s strategic business results.

Team Leadership Workshops 

Tailored to address the team and leadership development needs of the organization.

Team Leadership Coaching  

Coaching for senior team members directly from Sensei International consultants or training leaders to coach and set up coaching mechanisms aimed at creating a coaching culture in your organization.

Customer related


Marketing and Branding

Help formulate strategic and operational marketing and brand plans and provide consultancy and training to help execute them to achieve the organizations strategic business results.

Customer Care

Help agree on customer care strategies, improve customer care processes and train leadership and front line in delivering them superbly.

Sales & Negotiating Skills

Help agree on sales & negotiating strategies, improve customer sales and negotiating processes and train sales leaders and teams to achieve superior sales results and negotiating wins.



Human Performance index [HPI] Facilitations

Helping teams to identify the most important improvements based on the HPI assessment and facilitating performance improvement. 

Continuous Improvement

Kaizen based methodology to improve the performance and productivity of organization, eliminating waste, improving results and tapping into the total resource of the organization.

Team based Project Management  

Help you identify improvement projects and train teams to manage those projects successfully.


Talent development

Strategy facilitations – helping teams to agree on mission, vision, values, key strategic tasks, must win battles, bold courageous steps and strategic reviews

Mastery of Self and Versions

To train your team members to achieve personal success through providing tools and self-empowerment from the science of Neuro Linguistic programming [NLP], transformational learning, transactional analysis, the teachings of M Scott Peck and Leo Buscaglia and other life sciences. Workshops are designed from 1 to 4 days based on your needs.

Strategic Living

Path breaking tools to achieve personal aspirations

Brand You

Coaching and consulting support to build your personal brand.

Success story

Sensei International provides Continuous Improvement (CI) consultancy, based on Kaizen. One objective of Kaizen is to achieve Just-in-Time (JIT) production that ensures the best quality, zero wastage, optimum work in progress, optimum cost and 100% order fulfilment. The JIT experience is part of Sensei’s CI training. We are now happy to provide you the JIT experience as a stand-alone learning opportunity. 

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