mastery of self


If you are interested in ‘Mastery of Self - Practitioner Certification’, you can enrol on a one year programme, which includes attending these 3 programmes, a coaching and training workshop, monthly supervision, self-direct practitioner support groups (PSG), research, thesis and a viva. Please contact us for more details.

mastery of Self

Through NLP

We invite the thousand who have benefited from this magical experience to come back for a refresher and/or nominate your family, friends and colleagues at work to attend this life-changing experience. We also invite everyone else interested in taking a quantum leap in your life to join this unique learning experience.

Mastery of Self is now offered in 3 segments: 

  • Mastery of Self - Expert (2 days)

  • Mastery of Self - Achiever (2 days) - Also open for those who have attended the 2-day ‘Personal Excellence - NLP’ or ‘Living Beyond Limits – NLP’ playshops

  • Mastery of Self – Intellectual (2 days) - Also open for those who have attended the 4-day ‘Mastery of Self’ session


1 Playshop (2 days) - Rs. 29,000/-

2 Playshops (4 days) - Rs. 49,000/

3 Playshops (6 days) - Rs. 64,000/


1 Playshop (2 days) - Tk. 15,000

2 Playshops (4 days) - Tk. 27,000

3 Playshops (6 days) - Tk. 41,000

Special Discounts:

15% discount for 15 or more participants, 10% discount for 10 or more participants and 5% discount for 5 or more participants. Click on 'Learn More' below to find about the early bird discounts

Dates and Venue: 


Expert - TBD

Achiever - TBD

Intellectual - TBD


Expert - 12 & 13 November 2021 (2 days)

Achiever - TBD

Intellectual - TBD


8.30 am to 6.30 pm

At Global Towers Hotel

at Six Seasons Hotel