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Mastery of Self - a life changer

Mastery of Self - a life changer
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Mastery of Self - a life changer

Mastery of Self - a life changer

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Ranjan De Silva's Mastery of Self - Testimonial by Ejazur Rahman

Ranjan De Silva's Mastery of Self - Testimonial by Ejazur Rahman

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Ranjan De Silva's Mastery of Self -  Testimonial  by Anika

Ranjan De Silva's Mastery of Self - Testimonial by Anika

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"I have no doubt, the lads from Trinity will benefit enormously after two days of high powered NLP. Ranjan's execution was precisely tailored and pretty hands on. It was a hugely successful program which was extremely well executed at a precise pitch and Ranjan has no peers in this regard. 

The progress of the lads have been carefully monitored during the two weeks since NLP and a remarkable improvement has been observed. Competition is at an even keel with teams been exposed to high levels of fitness and superior coaching programs. NLP is a cutting edge which has given a new dimension and will hold the boys up well during and after competition."

Tyrone Smith

Vice Chairman

Old Trinitians Rugby Scrummage - Sri Lanka

"I strongly trust that my sub-conscious is able to sort all this out and it will make the appropriate change for now. I will celebrate my courage in having experienced so much and take excellent care of myself and begin to experiment with the techniques I have learnt."

"Once I began this process I realized that I am curious to go back behind the scenes and uncover the full extent of what is possible. Having started to redraw the map of my own life I wish to become a systematic map maker of my own and other’s destinies. I look forward to taking part in the advanced play shop. I believe that “Inner success creates outer success”, May God guide my steps as I begin to live my purpose."

"There is a vacuum of competence and leadership in the world. People living congruently, fairly, emphatically powerful and sharing these gifts of love with the companies, communities, families that are only the way can hope to be saved."

"We have to share and spread these gifts (tools) in the spirit of love and service, connect the possibilities to those who are around us for their potentiality in order to live better in the world. We have to challenge each other to model the way of life."

"We can do, we should do and we will do. For this let’s anchor – Intensify It! Intensify!! Intensify It!!! One, Two, Three YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Thanking you a lot Mr. Ranjan and your team for this gift with kind regards."

Muhammad Abdur Rahman

Senior Manager Merchandising

Shing On International Ltd. - Bangladesh

"NLP to me stands for “A Complete Change of Mood, A Change of Life”. A life towards light, towards success."

"After doing NLP I have explored my secret treasures, my powers. I am now more confident than before. NLP thought me how to overcome fear and to treat the negative aspect of life positively. Every human being goes through some painful experience in life and no exception to me as well. But after participating in NLP, the inspiration I got from it, I started to treat those sad experiences as a lesson rather than let it be an obstacle to my stepping ahead."

"Practicing in the “Daily Habits “ and attempting to get 10-11 points a day as well as following the techniques like 20’s and 80’s, life is becoming more systematic, regular and focused. As a result my efficiency and effectiveness have been improving tremendously! Now I maintain a To Do & Not to Do list for my daily life. The new and most exciting thing I experience throughout NLP program is the practice of STRETCHING. It is a stress indeed, but after doing part of STRETCHING I have learned that when we can bear stress and overcome the challenges of life, the feeling is just Fantabulous!!"

"Here is an overview of my One Month Bottom lines:

Being: Early getting up at 6.00am from bed and then say my morning prayer. I review my To Do & Not to Do list first thing in the morning.

Result: life becoming more systematic and regular.

Body: I take a balanced diet in proper time and also do some exercises for half-an-hour a day. It makes me energetic and revives me.

Brain: I am planning to go through some courses of Fashion Designing as well as interior designing from a reputed institution.

People: Trying to understand people and building a good relationship with my colleagues, relatives & friends. I am getting involved in building more intimacy with all. As a result things become easier or can say it is easy to convince people when we can read people’s mind.

Time: I pass my leisure time by watching movies, reading novels, listening to music, going out or painting.

Money: I prepare a budget on my monthly salary and spend it as per that which is helpful to increase my savings day by day for a better future.

Finally, to me, NLP is a 'Touchstone'- truly a life-changing workshop! I wish all the success to Sensei International."

Alif Laila



"First of all it must be mentioned that I will never be the same again. This playshop has really touched my heart and I wish I could create the same environment in my life. It has helped me to face challenges and face them triumphantly."

"Ranjan, I wish you could be with us physically, which I don’t think is possible. I hope you will always be there with us spiritually and guide us like our guiding star through all the barriers in life."

"Thanks so much for all the confidence you have given me for me to march on in life like a real elephant."

"We love you and sincerely hope that we will see you in the near future. Again we love you and we’ll miss you."

Nirmal Fernando


Vanik Bangladesh

"Really this playshop has the quality to show up some thing,  specially it has the  ability to build something within us. Within the four days I have leant a lot from this program."

"I can say that it has shown me the way to accept new situations. Everything at the session was happening so fast, I was really energized. The whole audience built quality relationships with each other. The games and related work has made me unparalleled. Actually this program helps a frustrated boy or girl get a new life. We now know how to be creative. We had lot of enjoyable moments. Thanks."

M.D. Abid Abdulah


Vanik Bangladesh

"My purpose was to be one of the most respected IT professionals in Sri Lanka. I stretched it a little bit more to 'when I am 40, to be one of the best CEO’s in the country'. Thanks to what I learned at the playshops, I have made some headway, as I was promoted to be one of the two Senior Vice Presidents of the company about 3 months ago."

Shiran Janz

Senior Vice President

Phoenix Injection Moulding Ltd.

"I would like to thank you from bottom of my life for conducting and allowing me to be present at the life changing play shop.

It was just not a play shop rather changing, directing, enjoying every moment of my life.  

You and NLP helped me to discover myself and my destination. I want to continue this journey with support from you and NLP."

Ibrahim Hossain

"It was a wonderful experience to have your team here with us. I personally had a very memorable experience. After the first two days of the session, I wasn’t quite sure if I would really use all the tools in my everyday life. I thought I was sure to forget what I had learnt. But when I came back for the final two days of the session, I realized that I was using the tools at a subconscious level. I really had achieved a great deal over the two months because what you had taught had really sunk into me. I wasn’t doing anything consciously, but from the inside, there was a strong force motivating me to go for what I really wanted in my life. And I have nobody but you to thank for that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"

Naushaba Ameen

Siemens, Bangladesh

"This program was excellent. Would be great if there is a follow up playshop to reinforce what we learnt. A two-day playshop should be enough. THIS HAS ALREADY BROUGT POSITIVE CHANGES IN MY LIFE."

Shihab Ahmed

"The playshop overall was very successful. Especially to motivate myself. I’ve overcome some of the barriers, which will ultimately help me to work freely in my profession as well as my personal life."

Shohel Haider Chowdhury

"NLP teaches us to live with full vigor and energy. This process helps us to breakthrough our barriers and obstacles. With a strong mindset  & purpose we can achieve our target in any challenging situation. NLP helps us to know ourselves."

Shamsun Nahar Tarek

"Through NLP I got my second, real birth. I was a lazy man of less confidence. Now, it’s as if I woke up from a long sleep."


"Though it is my second participation it was still attractive as it was before. Sensei has moderately advanced in the area of NLP practices. It seems the Mastery of Self Program is a mission for development of human power. It has a powerful light, which can enlighten the whole human race. A class presentation done by Ranjan has given the audience a complete understanding of NLP. And that ultimately strengthened the audience/participants to overcome the impossible. NLP has shows the power of humanity and its application."

Abid Abdullah