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Mastery of self


by ranjan de silva





Become an ‘expert’ about yourself by knowing your strengths, improvement areas, purpose of life, how to live with positive attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and how to get rid of negative attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

English Medium

Sinhala Medium




Achiever Level

By attending the ‘Achiever’ level and practically applying the learnings, you will become an ‘achiever’ by mastering how to achieve success and happiness with a high level of depth and with the power of your sub-conscious mind.





Intellectual Level

Learn how to customise and re-design Mastery of Self tools to suit different personalities and let the process transform them and others to be their best version. 

Coming Soon





Master Practitioner


 Learn to develop Mastery of Self practitioners and become effective life coaches and catalysts. 

Coming Soon

What is MS - NLP?

This series of programmes will help you to achieve your physical, emotional, mental and professional objectives. NLP helps to liberate the individual’s potential and helps focus energy to channel their life in exactly the direction in which they want to go. The programme draws on proven techniques developed by some of the world’s foremost peak performance experts. The Science Digest states that NLP is the most promising development in the field of human advancement. It is ‘software’ for the hardware of the human brain - a user’s manual to achieve one's goals.

The first Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] ‘playshop’ was conducted in 1995 and since then hundreds of these playshops have taken place in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the UK and the USA for companies through in-house workshops and for individuals through public events. MS-NLP is now designed to be delivered online in 4 levels; Expert, Achiever, Intellectual and Master Practitioner. Each level consists of 10 weekly 2-hour sessions, so that you can experience it from the comfort of your home or office with almost the same impact it had when experienced in a physical location. 

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Life Coaching

for Mastery of Self

This is a one-on-one experience for those who are interested in a deep transformational experience to find life purpose, make purposeful choices, prepare for opportunities, overcome challenges and programme their mind to find success and happiness with a balanced spiritual, mental, emotional and physical lifestyle.  

See a sample of what you’ll experience:

Sample video - gearing up

About the facilitatoR

RANJAN L G De SILVA, Partner -Senior Management
Consultant – Sensei International

Ranjan is an Executive Team Leadership Coach & Catalyst. His innovative consulting and training style, which blends authentic deep communication with a spiritual flavour, appropriate situational humour, innovative thinking and world class professionalism has been a refreshing, interesting and effective bottom line driving mechanism for his clients.


Ranjan has a mix of practical and theoretical grounding which makes his input value adding to the clients. His practical experience comes from 37 years of corporate experience that included over 27 years in CEO roles in 3 leading Asian conglomerates; John Keels Holdings, Rahimafrooz Group and Apollo Hospitals in addition to the current role, and for various SENSEI INTERNATIONAL clients.

He has shared the stage and networked with management gurus of the caliber of Tom Peters, Edward De Bono, Jack Trout, Ron Kaufman, Bob Urichuck and Robert Holden. His mentor, friend and partner, Omar Khan has been a tremendous influence in his development as a world-class Team Leadership specialist & CEO success coach.


It was a wonderful experience to have your team here with us. I personally had a very memorable experience. After the first two days of the session, I wasn’t quite sure if I would really use all the tools in my everyday life. I thought I was sure to forget what I had learnt. But when I came back for the final two days of the session, I realized that I was using the tools at a subconscious level. I really had achieved a great deal over the two months because what you had taught had really sunk into me. I wasn’t doing anything consciously, but from the inside, there was a strong force motivating me to go for what I really wanted in my life. And I have nobody but you to thank for that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Naushaba Ameen – Siemens Bangladesh

Though it is my second participation it was still attractive as it was before. Sensei has moderately advanced in the area of NLP practices. It seems the Mastery of Self Program is a mission for development of human power. It has a powerful light, which can enlighten the whole human race. A class presentation done by Ranjan has given the audience a complete understanding of NLP. And that ultimately strengthened the audience/participants to overcome the impossible. NLP has shows the power of humanity and its application

Abid Abdullah

NLP is a complete “Life Changer”

Harikesha Wijesekhera – CEO Royal Park Hotel

Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to participate in the NLP playshop. The four-day NLP playshop was enriching and entertaining. I had participated to remove my inhibitions regarding public speaking and improve the time management. But I seem to have gained more than what I was looking for. Positive thinking with the strength to break personal barriers can achieve anything. We all need to come out of the ‘self’ made shell, made out of all the obstacles, limitations and inhibitions

Niaz Rahim – Director, Rahimafrooz.

To start with, I must say that the REAL ANCHOR of this playshop Mr. Ranjan is SIMPLY THE BEST!  HATS OFF FOR HIM. Regarding the NLP, the playshop can really make wonders. Now I believe in the saying that, “Everything is possible, even the word IMPOSSIBLE spells I’M POSSIBLE!!! Thanks

Fouzia Nasreen – Marketing Executive – Rahimafrooz Superstroes Ltd.

The NLP playshop was an adventure of a lifetime. It opened a new dimension for me, which I was not aware of. I feel now that I can take control of any aspect of my life. Simply speaking. I believe NLP taught me to speak my mind and alter my thoughts according to my preference. It was a fantastic experience.

Farhan Haroon

At the very outset let me say it is excellent. MS/NLP has taught me some things that I have not learnt up to this point of time. I feel great and have the self confidence to live the life I always wanted to live. I am sure I’ll do better where ever I am. As for the playshop it has been very well designed to suit anyone. Let me take this opportunity to thank Sensei for organising the playshop. It’s excellent. Please keep doing it and organise more and more to develop the nation

Ronnie Bongso - Scanwell

I enjoyed and learnt lots of tremendous ideas, tactics to build up my life, to establish the rest of my life. I think all of this will really help me to build my career and future. I think now life is really enjoyable and I learnt how to remove my obstacles, I learnt how to carry up life and how to remove obstacle and achieve success. Thanks.

Mirajul Karim

I learned a lot attending the playshop with Sensei. Learned to get rid of things, which acts as a barrier to achieve my purpose/goals. It taught me a lot to be open, take things positively and have confidence, also many other things that will help me a lot in my future life.

Dibakar Shil

The NLP playshop has really helped me to overcome the barrier I faced in my day-to-day life. After having done this playshop I feel like a new person. A big transition has taken place, which will allow me to prove my worth. Now I feel that I can overcome any obstacle in life and nothing can stop me.  I am a complete new person to whom nothing seems to be impossible in this world. I really thank NLP from the bottom of my heart for changing my attitude towards life.

Tanima Hasan – Account Manager – Adcomm

This was a life altering experience. I am so grateful to the whole of Sensei team.

Shanaz, Nirmal, General, Cuddly, Ranjan and everyone was superb. I feel the changes within me and I love it. I just want to tell you all that you have made a difference in my life. But most of all I want to say that I have made a difference in my life. Given the opportunity I would like me to make a difference in others life like the way you have made a difference in mine, just give me a shout. Cheers.

Shomit Shahabuddin – Account Director – Adcomm

I first attended the ‘Mastery of Self’ programme in the year 1996 and I got my maiden learning of NLP through the Master Coach Omar Khan and then started gradually internalizing the concept in me. Then at a later stage Through Ranjan I got an opportunity to sit in Sensei International NLP/Motivational Programs while I was in John Keells, which gave me an opportunity to realize my true values and potential as an individual to serve many as a Coach. Realizing the impact value of the ‘Mastery of self’ programme by Ranjan, I enrolled for the second time in 2007; spending on my own. It helped me immensely to truly act on my goals bravely and sail towards my dream to be a consultant and a coach.

I would recommend The Mastery of Self Play shop to anyone who is seeking self-transformation and achieve greater heights.

Jayantha Fernando - Coach/Retail Consultant

Through NLP I got my second, real birth. I was a lazy man of less confidence. Now, it’s as if I woke up from a long sleep.


MS NLP Testimonials
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