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MS NLP Online

Achiever Level

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Mastery of self through NLP - Achiever Level - Online

by ranjan de silva


For those who have successfully completed the MS-NLP expert Level

By attending the ‘Achiever’ level and practically applying the learnings, you will become an ‘achiever’ by mastering how to achieve success and happiness with a high level of depth and with the power of your sub-conscious mind.

The contents include:

  • Mastery of Self Achiever – Vs Expert

  • NLP for Achievers

  • Attitudes of Winners

  • Managing feelings and moods

  • Understanding the power of the subconscious

  • Subconscious level NLP tools for changing habits and building habits

  • Subconscious level NLP tools for improving communications

  • Subconscious level NLP tools for better decision making

  • Phobia Cure Process

  • Understanding and managing energy

  • Stretching for purposeful growth

Online Session Structure

MS-NLP Expert Level is a series of 10 weekly, 2-hour sessions. You will be provided assignments after each session, to apply the mental tools practically and learn experientially. You will be a part of a learning community who supports each other and you will have access to the facilitators for guidance. 

Brief details of each session is given below.

Session 1 | Introduction

Introduction to Mastery of Self – Achiever compared to Expert

Action logics – pre conventional

Three attitudes of winners

Forgiveness – ramose vs repentance … 3 stages of repentance


Session 2 | Managing Feelings and Moods

Understanding feelings and moods


Content re-framing

Natural Anchors


Session 3 | Subconscious Mind | Eliminating Negative Habits

The subconscious

Relationship and communicating with the subconscious

Changing Habits with the support of the subconscious   

How to build a strong relationship with the subconscious

Session 4 | Subconscious Mind | Creating New Habits

How habits are formed at a subconscious level

Creating a new part in the subconscious

Liberating resources to implement the new habit

Listening to and responding to subconscious signals

Running Tracks

Session 5 | Subconscious | Communication

Making the right choice - Resolving conflict between parts of the subconscious

Intuition – learning from the subconscious

Understanding others deeply at a subconscious level

Telepathy – communicating with others at a subconscious level


Session 6 | Phobia Cure

Phobias as distinguished from fears

Understanding how phobias are formed

Types of phobias and its impact

Phobia cure process and testing in real life

A Natural Girl

Session 7 | Dealing with negative energy

Understanding negative energy

Negative energy from various scientific perspectives

Understanding malignant narcissism and its impact on our lives

Eliminating negative energy that is within us

Autumn Girl

Session 8 | Generating positive energy

Love strategy and Hurt Strategy  

Compassion, Care & Gratitude

Trust Deficit and Trust Building  

Energizing days – free days, buffer days and focus days

Golden Chakra

Session 9 | Stretching for Purposeful Growth  

Stretch Concept
Stretch Project Selection

Shullar’s stages of faith

Breaking through inhibitions - Wall exercise

Tree 5

Session 10 | The Journey Continues

Stretching for purposeful growth

Consolidating the process of purposeful living

Continuation of the process of learning

Taking the journey forward

Family Trip

Who can benefit by participating?

Mastery of Self is for any individual interested in maximizing the potential of the mind for self-mastery. Past participants have ranged from corporate heads to junior executives, from clergy to film stars, from sportspersons to housewives. It is simply for everyone.


US$ 180

10 Sessions

10 Weeks


We will inform you of the dates once a slot opens up. Please submit the registration form so that we can keep you informed and send you the payment link once we allocate you to a course. 


Watch a snippet of what you will experience
(27 min. video) 
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