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SELF learning VIDEOS


These videos could be used to learn from individually, with your family or team. 


Follow the instructions to make the best of the learning videos provided. It could help yourself and your teams stay positive, motivated and sharp so that all of you would be geared to perform with excellence.

In addition to this we can also arrange customized online session or executive coaching for your specific business needs to deal with the present and to prepare for the future. Please contact us if you would like to discuss customised online sessions or executive coaching. 


The following process can help you get good value from this video:

A moderator (an expert from your company) can open the session, explaining why the session is important, how to make the best use of the session and how to implement learnings.


Play the video.


Have a Q&A session and a discussion.


Agree on actions to be taken based on the video.

Ask each team member to say in a few words of how the video was useful. 

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