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Sensei Natural Abilities 

‘SENSEI NATURAL ABILITIES’ is an assessment tool to identify abilities we are born with, with the intention of getting ourselves and our teams into natural-ability areas to achieve spectacular success. 

Natural Abilities Described by the Creator of the Assessment: Ranjan De Silva

Sensei Leadership Complexities 

‘SENSEI LEADERSHIP COMPLEXITIES’ is a leadership assessment tool used by senior leaders of organizations to understand complexities that arise when leadership qualities are used in excess and how to address them. 

Leadership Complexities Described by the Creator of the Assessment: Ranjan De Silva

Sensei Interaction Personalities 

‘SENSEI INTERACTION Personalities’ is a personality assessment tool used by professionals to understand and improve the way they interact with others, especially when dealing with conflicts.

Sensei Interaction Personalities  Described by the Creator of the Assessment: Ranjan De Silva

Sensei EQ-IQ Dynamic 

‘SENSEI EQ-IQ Dynamic’ is an assessment tool to identify the balance between our Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), with the intention of understanding the reason why we think, make sense, decide and act the way we do. It also helps understand others and the way we improve the way we think, make sense, decide and act. It also improves relationships, introducing a new way of perceiving and interacting with others.

Sensei EQ-IQ Dynamic Described by the Creator of the Assessment: Ranjan De Silva

Who Created Sensei Assessments?

Ranjan De Silva, Senior Management Consultant of Sensei International, critically examined various assessments in response to the needs that arose during his leadership development work over the past 20 years and customised and/or developed it to suit the practical realities of his clients. The Sensei assessments has been developed by Ranjan to help clients understand conative, cognitive, and affective aspects of leadership to help them in developing themselves and their teams as a part of Sensei International’s leadership development practice.


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Further notes

  • For a deeper exploration, we invite you to invest in a comprehensive report for only US$ 15. You may first take the free assessment and decide if you would like to invest in the comprehensive report. The link to the comprehensive report will be provided once you complete the assessment and receive the free report. 

  • You could repeat the assessment once, free of charge. Please follow the instructions in the email you receive with the comprehensive report if you need to repeat the assessment.

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Thank you for using Sensei Assessments. We wish you all success! Please stay connected.

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