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What is Your Team’s Burning Platform?

An article written by Ranjan and published in Responsible Business Issue #12 (2019) by Global Business Counselling.

"The concept of ‘The Burning Platform’ was first introduced by Daryl Conner who used the metaphor of an Oil Rig worker who had to leap into the water to save himself when the platform of the rig was burning. In this situation if the worker did not jump there was certain death as he would have burnt to death on the platform and jumping fifteen stories into the heated water with debris was possible death if he was not rescued within 20 minutes..." 


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Purposefulness and Mindfulness for Leadership Effectiveness

A paper written for and presented at the Middlesex University Research Students Summer Conference – June 2016, as a part of Ranjan's doctoral research work. 


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Setting Your Children Up For Success

"A brief glance at your child school curriculum will reveal how much emphasis is placed on academics. Little effort is made to focus on quintessential skills of self-confidence; communication and above all self-management, which are traits, if correctly fostered that are able to reap great benefits above the over-induced need to achieve academic excellence at a tender age...


All healthy children absorb information from their surroundings, from the moment they are born through to their adulthood. They will make far better progress if they are introduced to simple aids that assist them in learning such as visualization skills, memory techniques, and self-awareness tools..."


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You can help create a positive work culture

"In most organizations people wait for the leader to come up with a programme to change the culture of the organization. This is an outside-in approach where the responsibility is passed to others and everyone else uses a ‘wait and see’ approach. However, the more effective organizational changes have happened based on an inside-out approach, where individuals created an impact based on their own behaviours.”

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The Marketing Mix-Up

One of the first things we learn when we start studying marketing is the ‘Marketing Mix’. This series of articles are about the ‘Marketing Mix – Up’ and how to ‘Fix Up the Mix Up’

Download the full series of articles:

- The Marketing Mix-Up 

- The Marketing Mix-Up 2

- The Marketing Mix-Up 3

- The Marketing Mix-Up 4: The New Values 

The Marketing Mix-Up 5: Selecting the Grapes

Asian Retail - Changing Lifestyles

An interesting and knowledgable account of the Asia Retail Congress 2012.


“The key take-away was the next generation leader should have both the adaptive [behavioural] and Technical Skills and leaders should create environments that will drive potential leaders to use the learning opportunities available to develop themselves into future leaders…”​​​​​​


Download the full article.

My Journey to the Top

An article about Ranjan’s journey to where he is now, inspired by his presentation at the ‘Future Marketers Conference’ of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Sri Lanka Region.

“Little did I know that I was building a solid foundation for a greater opportunity that was coming my way. There is an old saying; the teacher will arrive when the student is ready.”​​​


Download the full article.

Talent Scouts Anonymous

An article written by Ranjan for the LMD Magazine ( in 2010, giving out some important tips CEOs use to create excellent leaders in their companies.

“They (CEOs) align their people behind a common and powerful state – call it mission, vision, aspiration or any other fancy word you can pick up from a book on management or at an MBA class. Everyone should be engaged passionately to deliver this ideal state…”​

Many thanks to LMD Magazine (

Right jobs, right people, social networks!

An article by Ranjan De Silva and Thanzyl M. Thajudeen published on the Financial Times of Sri Lanka, about how Social Networking plays an important part in getting the right job.

“Employees dream of the right job for them; employers dream of the right people to join them, the search has gone on forever, have we got the answer with networking?​​

​Do we really know what’s cooking on the internet in just one day? It’s quite startling and it is prudent for both employers to be aware of the social media revolution and its impact on us. It is increasingly becoming socialised with innovative social media networks sprouting up over the whole internet, taking it to a whole new level of human-connectivity…”


Building on Our Strength

An article on LMD magazine about Ranjan’s views on the post-war advancements taking place in Sri Lanka.

Click here for full article.

Learnings for Bangladesh from the World’s Modern Food Retail Scene

An article by Ranjan De Silva published in the 10 year anniversary celebration souvenir of the Bangladesh Supermarket Owners Association.

Click here for full article.

People in a Mix (People: The Highly Underate P in marketing

An article by Ranjan De Silva published on LMD Magazine.

​“Ranjan De Silva emphasises the importance of the highly under-rated ‘P’ that is an essential element of the marketing mantra.”

​​​Click here for full article

unleashing the Tiger – The Agora Success Story

An article by Ranjan reflecting on his time and achievements as the CEO of Agora.

“These are the formula that helped ‘Unleash the Tiger within us’ and this is the formula that will continue to ‘Unleash the Tiger within us’ with patience, tenacity, willingness to learn from mistakes and resilience to bounce back up when we fall.


Achieving our dreams will take time, there will be challenges on the way, there will be disappointments to face, but we need to be patient and keep at it…”

Download full article.

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