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MS-NLP online Expert level

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Mastery of self through NLP - Expert Level - Online

by Ranjan De Silva


By attending the ‘Expert’ level and practically applying the learnings, you will become an ‘expert’ about yourself by knowing your strengths, improvement areas, purpose of life, how to live with positive attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and how to get rid of negative attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

The contents include:

  • Introduction to NLP

  • Mental habits for success

  • Principles of Mastery

  • Zoom in on life purpose

  • Formulate 3-year goals for life

  • Inculcate purposeful behaviours

  • Create a powerful self-image

  • Experience the power of love

  • Learn to connect with others at a deeper level

  • Energize self instantly – using anchors

  • Learn powerful stress relieving techniques including meditation

  • Manage life to make the best of time

  • Learn the most powerful change techniques in the world

  • Remove the sting of past failures

  • Eliminate non-value adding habits

  • Master relationships and fill them with satisfaction

  • Identify their greatest hurdles and learn to surmount them

Watch a snippet of what you will experience
(27 min. video) 

Online Session Structure

MS-NLP Expert Level is a series of 10 weekly, 2 hour sessions. You will be provided assignments after each session, to apply the mental tools practically and learn experientially. You will be a part of a learning community who supports each other and you will have access to the facilitators for guidance. 

Brief details of each session is given below.

session 1 | Introduction & setting the stage

This session sets the stage for the series where you will understand Mastery of Self and NLP, and the importance of ‘Mastery of Self through NLP’ for living. You will also learn to understand your own strengths and improvement areas positively and take baby-steps in to the world of NLP by learning to apply the mental habits of winners; 'Physiology', 'Pink Elephant' and 'Questions are the Answer.'

session 2 | Happiness & Success through NLP

This session helps you get a deeper understanding of happiness and success and the application of a powerful NLP tool Transformational Vocabulary, and the three principles of mastery; Multi-Sensory Depictions, Silence Negative Inner Voice and Focusing on the Process.

session 3 | Purposeful Living

This session helps you understand the notion of ‘Purpose’ and its distinction from 'goals'. You will then enjoy a process that helps you see a glimpse of your ‘Purpose’ and make an artful representation of your own ‘Purpose’ based on the qualities of a good purpose statement; service to the world, aspirations, pride, and belief.

session 4 | Purposeful Behaviours

This session helps you articulate behaviours in nine aspects of life that will enable you to live a purposeful life. Thereafter you will learn to plan and live purposeful days based on the concept of ‘Seven Daily Habits’ and evaluate the quality of each day based on the '10-point day’ method.

session 5 | Love

This session help you experience the notion of love and understand it in a spiritual and purposeful manner, based on the philosophy of love as thought by Leo Buscaglia, supported with poems, stories and ideas.

session 6 | Relationship building

This session will help you learn how to build relationships using NLP tools such as Pacing & Leading and Pattern Interrupt. You will also learn to understand the preferred modalities of others; visual, auditory and kinesthetic and to connect with others by tuning in to their preferred modality. Based on this you will learn how to convince based on the love and hurt strategies of others and deal with received criticism effectively.

session 7 | Stress and its management

In this session, you will understand stress in relation to your purpose, aspiration and mindset, which will help you to manage it more effectively. You will also learn stress management techniques such as choice, energy management, nutrition, exercises and physical and mental rest including meditation.

session 8 | Unloading the baggage

In this session, you will learn about bad memories and bad habits; how we develop them, why we hold on to them and how to eliminate them so that you can live your life with confidence and channel your energy in to a value adding and purposeful life.

session 9 | Motivating Self

In this session, you will learn how you develop the habit of being motivated or not motivated to take certain action. Thereafter, you will learn how to use a NLP tool - Advanced Sub-Modalities - to motivate yourself to act purposefully. You will also learn about the power of anchors and the various applications of anchors; Outputting, Stacking, Collapsing and Confidence Building.

session 10 | Overcoming mental obstacles 

In this session, you will learn and experience a NLP process to identify and destroy mental obstacle to gear you to continuously experience success and happiness.

Who can benefit by participating?

It is simply for everyone!

Participants completing the process will receive a Certificate of Application after an essay type assessment. 

online course (LIVE)

We will inform you of the dates once a slot opens up. Please submit the registration form so that we can keep you informed and send you the payment link once we allocate you to a course. 


US$ 150

free webinar

Watch a pre-recorded one hour webinar to experience a sample of the online course.

Online Course (Recorded)

Follow the course in your own time by signing up for the online series. Get access to all videos and resources and be certified after completion.

US$ 100


Summera Nisar - Pakistan
Stefano Pelle - Italy
Mariyam Manike - Maldives
Govinda Bhat Vedody - UAE
Manushi Atapattu - Sri Lanka
Praveena Velisetty - India
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