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Sales Excellence consultancy

SE Sensei Sales Excellence Consultancy-

This a solution provided for senior leadership of organisations to gain clarity, direction and alignment of their business and sales strategy. The management committee or leadership, including the CEO needs to be part of the process, as sales strategy needs to be developed in concert with the overall strategic plan of the business. While the process would be customised to suit the specific needs of the organisation, a broad process is given below:

Step 1:

Preparation - Teams will be formed and briefed to gather information for planning based on relevant information analysis models.

Step 2:

Session 1 – In this session the participants will learn why strategic orientation is important for sales success. Thereafter, they will engage with the information collected in Step 1 and agree on the current situation of the business internally and externally and agree on desired results.


Step 3:

Session 2 - In this session participants will agree on a dynamic strategy and the relevant trigger points and thresholds for stating, accelerating, breaking and stopping strategies.


Step 4:

Session 3 - In this session participants will agree on the new way of working, changes needed to structure, processes and technology. This will lead to an agreement on a future they will create together and relevant business principles.


Step 5:

Session 4 - In this session the participants will select a few projects based on key priorities, teams to engage with the selected priorities, agree on key outcomes and formulate plans to execute.


Step 6:

Session 5 – In this session the project teams will present, debate and agree on plans to address the selected priorities in the earlier step and project team essentials for success.


Step 7:

We will then conduct a few sessions to teach project management tools and review project progress. The number of sessions will depend on the nature and scope of projects.


Step 8:

Final Evaluation and Celebration: All participants will present project progress, share learnings and agree on next steps. The process will be adjourned with a well-deserved celebration.

Who can benefit?

CEOs and Senior  Leaders 


To be determined based on the specific needs of the organisation.



To be determined based on the specific needs of the organisation.


Next Steps

Please submit your request using the form below so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a customized proposal.


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