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Mind Programming For Sales Success

This book has an intentionally misleading title. Many who pick up the book thinks it is a book on selling. They are right and wrong. They are right because it is all about selling. They are wrong if they thought it is about the selling of products and services only. It has more to do with selling yourself and preparing yourself as a resourceful person. As such this is essentially a personal development book.

This book is for you! Like all of us, you sell ideas and solutions, value and contribution to your organisation, your customers, your family and friends. This book of inspirational experiences, poetic insights and memorable metaphors can leverage deep change and practical steps to help you live a purposeful, successful and happy life.

Helping people to grow to their fullest potential is an act of generosity and love. One way of helping them to grow is to help them to make the correct choice, one that helps them ‘win’ through a tangible or intangible product or service.

A successful Salesperson makes the process of selling an act of service. Real sales and genuine service are both ‘from inside out’. They come from the dedication of our mind which is the totality of our feelings, wishes, emotions, ambitions, thoughts, decisions, behaviours and passion.

‘MIND PROGRAMMING FOR SALES SUCCESS’ will enable you to add new levels of value to all the people you connect with, personally and professionally, including yourself.

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