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Sales Excellence webshops

SE Sensei Sales Excellence Webshop - Ban

These interactive webshops will provide inputs on the steps that need to be taken to sustain the improved results for longer periods. They have been designed to make real change happen in participants and it is a refreshing change to the traditional methods of training.


Sales Excellence webshops are designed with a mix of business strategy tools as well as psychological tools as we believe that real change requires a good mix of the mind and the heart, IQ & EQ, High Tech and High Touch.


The strategic business tools include customer profiling based on business health, decision role of customers, customer need identification models, product/market decision models, funnel management tools, value presentation tools, sales closing techniques, loyalty building tools and management skills.


The psychological tools include NLP & TA. NLP helps to liberate the individual’s potential and helps focus energy to channel their life in exactly the direction in which they want to go. The programme draws on proven techniques developed by some of the world’s foremost peak performance experts. TA is considered the psychology of communication based on the ego states of the sender and receiver of information. Leadership required to energize, enrol, engage and empower team members are included to provide the essential skills for execution of business strategy.

The suite of webshops includes:

These webshops will be presented as a series of 4 weekly, 90-minute online sessions. These sessions can also be provided as full day physical webshops.

Sensei Sales Excellence Psychology

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Sales Excellence Psychology

By attending the ‘Sensei Sales Excellence Psychology’ webshop and practically applying the learnings, you will become equipped to understand the psychology of yourself, your team and your customers. Thereby build good rapport, understand needs deeply, present the value addition you can provide and thereby build a powerful, dynamic and growing partnership with all stakeholders boosting business performance.

Brief details of each session is given below;

Session 1 – Sales Mindset & NLP

This session set the stage for the series where you will understand sales, mindset for effective sales and how to enlist the power of mind through the science of NLP for effective sales. You will also deeply understand your own strengths and improvement areas and take baby-steps into the world of NLP by learning to apply the mental habits for Sales Excellence. Participants will undertake the ‘Sensei Interaction Personality’ assessment before the session.


Session 2 - Understanding Customers

This session helps you get a deeper understanding of the psychological profile, business health, and business mindset of your customers to carry out effective customer profiling. This will help you understand how customers develop such mindsets and how best to serve your customers’ needs by adjusting the selling approach to suit the customer profile.


Session 3 – NLP & TA Tools for Communication and Relationship Building 

This session helps you learn powerful NLP tools such as Pacing, Mirroring, Pattern Interrupt, Deep Listening and Modality (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) based communication to build trust and powerful relationships. You will also understand the ego states of parent, adult and child from TA to be effective in understanding others and communicating effectively.


Session 4 – Overcoming Psychological Obstacles for Sales Success


This session helps understand the use of SWISH, Reframing and Anchors to deal with non-value-adding habits, demotivating memories and psychological obstacles negatively impacting your sales effectiveness.

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Who can benefit by participating?

Sales Psychology is for any business professional directly or indirectly responsible for selling and improving business results.


US$ 80

Includes the 4 sessions and online guidance during 4 weeks period.



First Batch Concluded

Next Batch TBC

Operational Sales Excellence

Sensei Operational Sales Excellence

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By attending the ‘Sensei Operational Sales Excellence’ webshop and practically applying the learnings, you will become an expert at using processes for prioritising customers and products, nurturing future customers, managing sales funnels, designing powerful selling processes, following through, customer information management, networking and customer partnership building to boost business performance.

Session 1 – Multiplying Sales Results – 20’s Club Process

This session will help you learn processes to take stock of the current top 20% customers and products, setting ‘stretch’ targets, creating future top 20% customers and products. This will the lead to deciding on actions to be taken to boost current sales performance, achieve stretch targets in a defined future and prioritise activities to achieve both the current and future business aspirations. 


Session 2 – Funnel Management and Opportunity Filter

This session will help you learn how to develop a funnel management process, use it to maintain a smooth flow of sales, keep your sales team motivated, improve sales effectiveness efficiently and enhance sales results. You will also learn how to engage with productive potential customers using opportunity filters.


Session 3- The Selling Process

In this session, you will learn methods to generate amazing sales results by implementing a powerful sales process customised to suit your business. This includes preparation, preoccupation breaker, understanding customer needs, presenting value based solutions, responding to objections, closing sales and post sales follow up.


Session 4 – Building Powerful Business Relationships

In this session, you will learn about the process of building powerful relationships from a one-time interaction into a powerful partnership through a process of value adding interactions, trust building, and strategic partnerships.

Who can benefit by participating?

Operational Sales Excellence is for business leaders directly or indirectly responsible for selling and improving business results.


US$ 100

Includes 4 sessions and online guidance during the 4-week his period.



1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd December

New York @ 9.00am

London @ 2.00pm

Dubai @ 5.00pm

Karachi & Male @ 6.00pm

Colombo & Mumbai @ 6.30pm

Dhaka @ 7.00pm

Singapore @ 9.00pm

Melbourne @ 11.30pm


Sensei Sales Leadership Excellence

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Sales Leadership Excellence

By attending the ‘Sensei Sales Leadership Excellence’ webshop and practically applying the learnings, you will become equipped to recruit, select, develop, motivate, inspire and influence your team to be true business builders by capturing and providing market information and customer needs, becoming experts in highlighting product and service value, building powerful customer partnerships, and enhancing business performance.

Session 1 – Understanding Sales Leadership and Your Leadership Style

In this session you will learn understand the importance of leadership for sales management and how it is different to the leadership styles required for other management functions.  You will also understand about your own leadership style based on pre-assessments done before the session. These assessments will help you understand your preferred blend of participative and directive leadership. We will also help you understand your locus of control; internal or external.  


Session 2 – Energizing Sales Teams

In this session, you will learn how to energize yourself by using mental tools from NLP. Once energized you will be more equipped to energize your team by believing in their potential, through recognizing positive contribution, providing positive and improvement feedback, creating healthy competition, encouraging teamwork, developing talent, recognizing contributions (not just outcomes), and celebrating success.


Session 3 – Situational Sales Leadership

In this session, you will learn how to recognize the development levels of your teams and team members and leading them based on their development level. Thereafter you will learn skills of effectively and situationally directing, coaching, supporting, delegating and empowering your team members in a relevant and dynamic manner.


Session 4 – Creating a Winning Sales Culture

In this session, you will learn the importance of a winning culture, the components of a winning culture, how to design the version of winning culture that suites your business and steps to be taken to create and sustain a winning culture in your team.

Who can benefit by participating?

‘Sales Leadership Excellence’ is for business processional holding leadership responsibility for direct and indirect sales professionals.


US$ 120

Includes 4 sessions and online guidance during this 4-week period.




Sensei Negotiating Excellence

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Negotiating Excellence

By attending the ‘Sensei Negotiating Excellence’ webshop and practically applying the learnings, you will become an expert at identifying opportunities to negotiate, develop the mindset and skills required to negotiate, learning about the types and style of negotiators, planning to negotiate, experience the realities of negotiating and learning how to evaluate the success of negotiating.

Session 1 – Negotiation Essential

In this session, you will learn the principles and process of negotiation, how we learn to negotiate, recognize opportunities to negotiate, and your own negotiating style. We will also learn the attitudes, beliefs, skills and knowledge required for effective negotiations, especially in the current reality and the new normal.


Session 2 – Negotiating Psychology

In this session, you will learn psychological concepts and tools to understand yourself and the party you are negotiating with. You will learn about the type of negotiators, rules of negotiating, success factors and disruptive factors of negotiating.


Session 3 – Negotiating Planning

In this session, you will learn how to research the priorities of your own organisation and the other party’s organisation in relation to the negotiation, how to gather information at the pre-negotiation meeting, set negation objectives, and strategies and plan the negotiation. This will be learnt based on a real-life negotiation in relation to your business and your realities.


Session 4 – Negotiation Practical

In this session, you will carry out a negation based on the plan developed in the earlier session and learn the realities of negotiation in a practical manner. You will also learn how to evaluate the success of the negotiation and areas you need to improve to be effective in your negotiations

Who can benefit by participating?

‘Sensei Negotiating Excellence’ is for any business professional directly responsible for negotiating with customers, suppliers, competitor or any party where they need to resolve differences.


US$ 100

Includes 4 sessions and online guidance during this 4-week period.




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