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Sales Excellence Sampler (Free webinar)

SE Sensei Sales Excellence Sampler - Ban

This is a 60-minute interactive session designed to showcase the uniqueness, style and power of Sensei’s Sales Excellence Resources. While the session will be adjusted to suit the reality of the audience, it will be based on the following agenda:

  • Understanding how the reality affects business performance in the short, medium and long term

  • Understanding how it impacts team members at a psychological level - attitudes, behaviours and relationships 

  • Introduction to business tools to help make effective strategic decisions

  • Introduction to psychological tools from NLP and Transactional Analysis (TA) to help success of leaders, teams and talent

  • Understand how the Sensei Sales Excellence Resources can be useful in enhancing strategic business results

  • Simple action plan to implement learnings 

Free Webinar dates

9th November


New York @ 9.00am;  London @ 2.00pm; Dubai @ 5.00pm.; Karachi & Male @ 6.00pm; Colombo & Mumbai @ 6.30pm.; Dhaka @ 7.00pm.; Singapore @ 8.30pm; Melbourne @ 10.30 pm



watch pre-recorded webinar

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