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Sales Excellence coaching

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Sensei Coaching Philosophy

We keep six key steps in mind, in heart, and in interaction to help stimulate your potential during SENSEI’S SALES EXCELLENCE COACHING PROCESS.

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We prepare ourselves

If, as Heisenberg suggested, we alter reality by perceiving it, then we certainly impact it even more by participating in it. Coaching is a shared dynamic; it is a 'dance of possibility'. As such, we try to be aware of how we are showing up and who we are showing up as.

We ensure each coaching engagement has a larger future to actualize

In order for coaching to hook both coach and coachee, the stakes have to be big enough. If we assume that the current trajectory of your leadership life will take you to a predictable future, then we are hoping to intervene to make possible a larger, more creative, and more expansive future.

We connect with you

Once a breathtaking future has been envisioned and thereby at least initially ignited, coaching lives and dies on the strength of the relationship we forge. We attempt to deeply connect with you. We not only learn to see you, but to look outward with you and see the world as you do. We can help you shift your perspective only if we can first appreciate it.

We are situationally alert and contextually sensitive

Though we work towards building rapport with you and having a larger future to actualize with you, there are days where something else is on your mind, in your heart, or just 'in the air'. We may notice you are not in the game. We try to be flexible enough, empathetic enough, and aware enough, not to get frustrated but create space to let you tell us what's up.

We bridge from today to the larger future

Not every coaching interaction is so emotionally charged. However, charged or not, our job is to always link it ultimately to the larger aim. That 'end in mind' constantly jolts us out of ruts, challenge our progress, inform our judgments, and validate the energy we've expended that day. Our job is to make today's achievement a building block for the larger success being aimed at by you.

We agree action and clarify support for you to execute them

Finally we attempt to conclude every coaching session with some specific actions agreed and clarity as to the support needed from us. These actions would have a specific date for initiation and would flow from the current discussion, be holistic to where you are actually (physically, mentally and emotionally), and clearly link up to the larger future being aimed at.

The Result

When we live up to these standards, we have then been what we should be as coaches: trusted advisors, important catalysts, and co-architects of larger futures that truly matter to those we're coaching.

Great leaders value coaching. They know that enabling full potential, in their businesses and their people, is one of the best ways that leadership is best defined... and measured!

The Sensei Sales Excellence Coaching Process


While the coaching process will differ from person to person we build on the following broad process, which will be adjusted to suit you as the Sensei Sales Excellence Coaching process unfolds.


Step 1:

Pre-coaching:  we will conduct an assessment for the coachee from stakeholders based on a behavioural scorecard we will design before the process. We will also administer relevant leadership and psychometric assessments to help the coachee understand self for the process.


Step 2:

1st session – discuss, understand and agree on the improvement areas and quantum break through the coachee aspires for and agree on initial steps to be taken.


Step 3:

2nd to 5th sessions – review progress with coachee, agree on new improvement areas and agree on further action steps.


We will do a brief follow up coaching call mid-way between coaching session to review, guide and end ensure the coachee is on track.


The coachee will have access to the Sensei Sales Excellence Coach during this period for additional consultation by prior appointment.


The sessions can be done online or face-to-face subject to meeting health guidelines.

Who can benefit?

This Process is for Senior Sales Leaders

(This process can also be customised to CEO’s and leader at all levels)


To be determined based on the specific needs of the coachee.



To be determined based on the specific needs of the coachee.


Next Steps

Please submit your request using the form below so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a customised proposal.


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